Monday, January 31, 2011

Ch. 1 Summaries

Fundamental skill development is so important to our profession because without the gradual growth and improvement in locomotor skills, we would never be able to accomplish anything more than just simple pre-school level things. It helps us improve what we can do for students on the fact that we will be able to do more difficult things that will allow us to teach them more difficult things and introduce them into things that will challenge them. Having things challenge them will allow us to increase their health, confidence, and it will then create healthier people for the future. The reason why we assess them is to be able to help them improve in the areas where they are struggling or doing incorrectly, making them aware of things they could do better will improve there skills in the future and make them better students and athletes. Skill development for students is extremely important in there ability to grow and adapt to the challenges they may face.

Pre-lab 1

Today the T.A's had us go through tag games and different types of games that we could use with not many supplies or tools. We were in the gym for about 45 minutes and then we went down into the classroom to get into our groups for St. Mary's. My group is called the Hopscotch Hero's and we are working with the cafeteria group during our first lab.