Tuesday, March 22, 2011

St. Mary's Lab 3

Yesterday, we met with the gym group again at St. Mary's, this is the age group of Kindergarten, First grade and  Second Grade. We had a western theme for the lab so everyone was dressed up in cow bow hats and straw hats. All of our games were based towards the theme, I went fourth in our group and I played cross the river, its a game based of the computer game Oregon trail, each kid used a floor hockey stick as a "horse" and tried to get past the River Monster. I felt that the game went extremely well and I felt very confident in it and being able to control the kids with directions. At the end I tried to play a game on the spot and I ran into the trouble of naming it wrong and the kids decided to take me literally and I was not able to get the kids to perform the game correctly, it was fun trying but I wish i had been able to get it too work.

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